A Letter to NASA on Eclipses

Shadow is not the cause of the Eclipses

I am the proprietor of ‘Jain Astrological Research Bureau’ and author of Kalachakra Ephemeris printed and published by Indian Express Publications (Madurai) Ltd.

I claim that the Lunar Eclipses are not caused due to the shadow of the Earth, which is seen between the Moon and the Sun during the eclipse. If the shadow were the cause of the Lunar Eclipses then there would have been 12 Lunar Eclipses every year since Lunar Eclipse occurs only on a full Moon day.

For example, we had two Lunar Eclipses in the year 2005. i.e. on 24-4-2005 and 17-10-2005 which where full Moon days. Hence, I humbly request the scientists to through more light as to the real cause of the Lunar and Solar eclipses. It is crystal clear by the above argument I am presenting to the scientist that every full Moon day there is no Lunar Eclipse that we have been observing in the past or neither this will happen in the future. Similarly, the Solar Eclipse take place on every new Moon day (Amavasya) when the Sun and Moon are in one sign the same longitudes of the Zodiac then there must be 12 Solar Eclipses in a year, which is not posssibe. Then if it not the shadow that cause the eclipses, then what is the explanation that any one could give to the reason that in the year there are only one or two Solar and Lunar eclipses.

The astrological books clearly say that a child born during eclipse will either be defective or will die. The eclipse not only have a bad effect on human beings but also on animals, birds, causes natural disasters, war, political turmoil and increase in accidents. I have collected some information that strongly supports the idea that eclipse is inauspicious. The Oxford Dictionary gives the meaning of eclipses as the loss of glory and loss of light. The word lunatic has been derived from the word lunar that clearly means the moon directly controls human brain (or the nervous system).

A few instances of abnormal behavior have been mentioned below.

Romania – A mother killed her child born during the eclipse on 23-08-1999 and throws the baby in the bathroom. This was reported in the newspaper.

London – (Missing Pigeons) “The Solar Eclipse in 24-08-1999 is been blamed in Britain for the disappearance of thousands of homing pigeons. The daily telegraph reported. Members of 3000 club have waited in vain for the return of the birds they sent out in the week of the solar back out amid claims that it scrambled their brains; The newspaper said Paul kitching from Durham had lost 12 of his 30 racing birds.

Cairo – man strangles his wife too busy watching eclipse. Cairo people watched when an earthquake of 3.6 magnitudes on the richter scale shook the Suez canal area, heightening fear of the eclipse.

Japan – Volcano erupts on island south of Tokyo during Lunar Eclipse a 16-07-2000.

I found the explanation given regarding the same matter on your website:

Why don’t eclipses occur every new Moon?

Eclipses only occur of the satellite of a planet is located within 0.5 degrees of the plane of the Ecliptic, on a line which passes through the center of the Sun and the Earth. The Moon travels along an orbit which is inclined by 5 degrees to the ecpliptic, on a line which passes through the center of the Sun and the Earth. The Moon travels along an orbit which is inclined by 5 degree to the ecliptic plane, so there are only two opportunities each month when it passes through the plane of the ecliplitic called the ascending and decending nodes. These two points connected to the barycenter of the Earth Moon system (Roughly the center of the Earth) define a line of nodes and eclipses of the Sun and Moon will occur if this line of nodes, co-incides with the line drawn between the center of the Earth and Sun. Again the Moon also has to be within 0.5 degrees of one or the nodes so that the disk of the sun is partially or totally covered in a Solar Eclipse. A similar argument explains why Lunar Eclipses do not happen every full Moon at the node opposite the Sun from the Earth.

We can understand by the above argument that a Solar or Lunar Eclipses will occur only when the Sun and Moon passes through the plane of the ecliptic called the ascending and descending nodes. When this is so clear why should we conclude that the shadow is the cause of the eclipse?

On every full Moon day and new Moon day, the Moon is crossing the plane of the Earth’s orbit just as it is lining up with the Earth and the Sun. Then why is it that an eclipse does not occur? In conclusion the shadow has nothing to do with the eclipses.

We have noticed in the past as astronomers like Claudius Ptolemy, had said that Earth is the center and all the planets including the Sun went around it, this was called, Geocentric Theory. This was believed to be true for 1400 years. Letter Nicolas Copernicus.

Disproved this theory and brought to light that all planets moved around the Sun in their respective orbits, which give rise to the concept of Helio Centric Theory. Copernicus and Galileo had to fight for the truth to come to light.

William Herschel in 1781 discovered the sixth planet Uranus up to which time the world only knew of five planets. i.e. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

Pluto was discovered as a planet, but latter on disproved the sixth planet Uranus up to which time the world only knew of five planets any more.

We can see from the above changes that the more the research we do, more the truth comes to light. I hope the scientists, scholars, thinkers, philosophers get my point and look at the eclipse in a more broader view only then can we understand what really causes the eclipse.

Hence, I request the astronomers to work in the right direction, so we can understand the truth. If I am wrong please correct me and it I am right please give a chance to explain in more detail. My main concern is to bring truth to light.