Dr. Surendra Kumar Jain, better known as Dr. S K Jain, is an established Vedic astrologer (jyotish acharya) based in Bangalore, India.

Notable for his appearances on Udaya TV on Sundays, he has become a household name both in India and globally amongst the Non Resident Indian diaspora.

Born and raised in Bangalore in a traditional Jain family, he is the fourth son of his eminent teacher, the late Dr. B G Sasi Kant Jain.

Dr. Jain is a classically trained astrologer and combines the use of horoscope and prashna shastra. He conducts deep meditation and research into the relationship between astrology and spiritual life, astrology and science, and Brighu Samhita – the ancient and divine astrology scripture.

Dr. Jain follows the Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition of Krishna consciousness (bhakti-yoga).

Dr. Jain is the Editor of Kalachakra Ephemeris, and has translated Prashna Sanjeevani from Sanskrit to Kannada.